California Hypnosis Institute (CHI) of USA is founded by Dr. Sunny Satin headquartered in California and managed by Dr. Ann Satin and Dr. Nitin Shukla. We are a network of professionals dedicated to improving the condition of mankind by empowering people with the knowledge to help themselves. 

CHI students teach and practice Hypnotherapy around the world.  We welcome people from all walks of life to join CHI classes. Scheduled classes can be found on our site. A student who has completed at least one CHI course is qualified to become a CHI member.  We welcome Hypnotherapists and Healers who have certifications from other institutions to join us as well.

CHI is dedicated to keep its members updated and informed of all activities.  As a member, you will become part of an interactive group, and support will be available to you at all times.  We strive to promote our Hypnotherapists in positive manner ̶  as Therapist and also as Teachers. For a list of benefits, member profiles, and application information, please visit  "JOIN CHI" page.


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Through Hypnotherapy, we access subconscious mind and use the information for a therapy purpose. Learn how to use the amazing power of the mind! ....
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Neuro Linguistic Program

NLP is a connection between the neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience and can be organized to achieve goals in life...    
Crystal Therapy

Crystal absorbs the universal energy which vibrates at high frequency, and can be used in healing.  Please join our fun and informative crystal classes.....  
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"I have continued to hypnotise people each week since we began our class. I am having so much fun with hypnosis. By far this is my favorite modality. While I take comfort in having the scripts, I have learned to just wing it which has greatly increased my intuitive abilities. I have found my niche, thanks for all of this great knowledge. I am so happy to have taken this class."

"It's about time someone wrote about this."

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