Dr. Sunny Satin was a founder and a director of CHI. Based on over 30 years of worldwide travel. Dr. Sunny Satin realized that the highly effective techniques of Hypnotherapy were not being taught or used in many countries. He spread these teachings in Asia, South America and Europe, so that people could benefit extensively with a drug-less therapy that utilizes the full power of the client's mind to heal the client or solve his/her problems. He founded   the first and only school of Hypnotherapy in India.

Dr. Sunny Satin had an extensive scientific background, yet he  had made all CHI courses so simple, and devoid of any technical  terms so that literally anyone can learn this highly effective therapy.  CHI students include Allopathic doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Alternative Healers, Corporate Executive, Engineers, Dentists, Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, Flight Attendants, Teachers, Housewives, and many more. Anyone with a real desire for healing can make a good Hypnotherapist.

The powerful wisdom and words of Dr. Sunny Satin continue not only through his students but are also available for everybody to access in his book Incredibly Believable".  His book was completed  just 4 days before he ascended  to the higher planes.



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