"..I have continued to hypnotise people each week since we began class. I am having so much fun with hypnosis. By far this is my favorite modality. While I take comfort in having the scripts, I have learned to just wing it which has greatly increased my intuitive abilities. I have found my niche, thanks for all of this great knowledge. I am so happy to have taken this class."

 "It's about time someone wrote about this."

 "I was enlightened throughout the class and enjoyed every minute," Linda.

 I came into the world of Hypnotherapy in Jan 2004. At first i was curious and skeptical but during the classes I realised the blessing it was. I was scared of driving, Sunny sir in one of the demo in class cured that fear in one session only. Earlier I couldn't think of driving a Maruti 800 on the main road, today I drive Hyundai Accent Tornado on the Delhi - Jaipur Highway. This was just the beginning of all the healing that I have been though thanks to Hypnotherapy. I had a strained relationship with a cousin which got sorted out due to the insights i got in the course. It made no sense to harbour the bitter feelings anymore and I was able to mend a strained relationship after 21 yrs. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries when i was 17 yrs old. I underwent 5 yrs of Allopathic treatment at AIIMS. I was told that medically there is no cure except surgical procedures. At 17 no girl wants to opt for that option so I lived my life on medication. The moment the medicines would stop so would my biological cycles. Every now and then I needed to chemically kick start a process which girls take for granted otherwise. 5 yrs of Allopathy gave me no relief and out of frustration I quit my treatment. During the course Sunny Sir guided me to my therapist who worked on me with a lot of love and dedication. Today, I am 25 yrs old and medically cured of Poly cystic Ovaries - the same disorder that the medical world has no cure of. If I can cure myself with the help of the courses and the therapists trained by CHI so can any one else.. As a therapist, the courses that I have attended not only trained me and gave me sound knowledge of Hypnotherapy but initiated a metamorphosis in me as a person.

The Crystal wand is so amazing! Since I have been using, I have found that it is a portal for the Angelic Realm of the Dominions. They are working to bring in and anchoring more Angelic energy onto the planet. It is activated by Gratitude and Mercy!!

 I thought I would share my recent experience with you. My mom's health has been a source of worry for some years now. She's had a pacemaker put and she's been experiencing a sinking feeling with loss of balance and dizziness, and six months back she was advised to carry a walking stick with her. Having been a very very active person (and the bedrock of our family), this was especially hard for her to accept. Her face had taken on an unhealthy mottled look and it depressed her no end to think that this was how it would always be. For she'd been to cardiologists, neurologists, ENT specialists and had had a myriad tests, Xrays and CT scans done too. Last week, in Hyderabad, I did chakra cleaning and energizing on her (using a crystal generator and an aura-stick). And I myself was stunned at the transformation it brought about the next day! She woke up feeling like she'd never felt in months, maybe years. She forgot her stick and floated down the stairs. It was sheer joy to see her joy! She alternates between tears and laughter at the thought that she's feeling so good! And what's more, her face has lightened up and I can actually see the glow on her face as in the days of yore. It's such a good feeling. Although it was my dad who I went to nurse, my mom's health seems have done an about turn! And now I have my very own home-grown publicist and PRO...a fiercely proud one too!

 I was hesitant at first, but during my session, I started to feel an inexplicable feeling of warm energy filling my body. Afterwards I felt strangely refreshed and the pain in my knees was gone!
Aleksandra H

  I was surprised that the pendulum was so accurate in reading my chakras. The session put what I subconsciously already knew into perspective so that I could deal with it in the present.
Peter R.

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